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OH BABY! Look at that beautiful Gradient.

Yes, yet another update. As you can see I've swapped the ugly old backround (ugly even for the web 1.0 post ironic aesthetic I was going for) I now have a nice looking purple gradient background and my blog is much improved. Using the "details" and "summary" tags I have hidden the contents of my blog posts with little dropdown icons next to the subject that reveal the body. Not really all that exciting I guess... Well stay tuned for more updates :^D

Project Update!

Still teaching myself some new coding skills. Was on the verge of burning myself out. Maybe I did burn myself out a teeny bit... but I am still excited about the project and motivated which is key! That said I am going to be slowing down a bit and also diversifying. Instead of a few hours of python every night I'm diversifying and just doing 30-90 minutes a night and it won't necessarily be python. I am also refreshing myself with HTML/CSS as well. Maybe I'll even learn a bit of JS, then my site might get really snazzy! Though I think I'd have to host this somewhere other than neocities if I'm actually running some back-end schtuff. As far as html goes this is the first time I've really dug into the basics since I taught myself how to edit my MySpace page ~12 years ago and am already learning things that are either new(er) with HTML5 or I just never learned in the first place. For example . I had no idea that was a built in thing you could make! Anyway what that means is you might actually see some improvements to my site for once. Exciting! Anyway thats enough typing for now. Have a good one!

New Project

Well damn, that last update amounted to nothing. I have worked on miniscule, bits and pieces of Gizzlebib's Domain, but haven't really published any updates. Working on a new project currently. Hopefully I won't loose motivation like I usually do and if I don't I think it will be pretty neat. I am actually teaching myself python for it. Anyways, keep your eyes peeled for a new section in the navbar!


I have added a few new pages to my site. A fun little choose your own adventure dungeon crawl type thing. It started out as me creating a page to keep info and links on a D&D adventure I will be DMing. But it felt really good. Was the most creative i've been in... probably years! I'm still working on it and will probably add a link to the navbar some time today or tommorow. I think I will probably work on it a bit more in the coming months so be sure to check back in regularly! :^)


Hello All! It has been over a year since I created my NeoCities account. I am woefully overdue for an actual blog post. As most of you probably know there is a viral sensation rocking the nations. Thats right, COVID-19. Thankfully my work has allowed me to work from home and I have been since March 2020. At first I didn't really do much of anything with my quarantine. That is untill the end of June when I dicided to take advantage of working from home and go all in on being healthy and loosing weight. That's right! I've been eating healthy and working out. Slimmin n trimmin. I've been drinking 1 or 2 cans of V8 every day to make sure I get all my vitamins. It makes me feel real good too. The best most unexpected feature of drinking V8 everyday is that I have been having the greatest shits of my life. No more nasty sticky poops. Just nice solid turds.

Hello and Welcome.

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